VoIP Features

A digital ‘cloud’ based telephony solution, VoIP services typically offer a great deal more options and features than are regularly available on conventional telephone systems.  Not all these features are self-explanatory, so here is a run-down of the most common services on offer.

Please note that for many people the greatest advantage of using VoIP is the lower costs. To find out more about how you can save money, please click here. Continue reading VoIP Features


1. Can I share my DVDROM or my External HDD on one of my home?

Yes you can.

2. Can I connect remotely to my office PC from home so that I can do some overdue jobs?

Yes you can; if you have a static or semi static IP address from you ISP Continue reading FAQ


There are hundreds of new viruses written on a weekly basis which are designed to destroy data on your machine or alternatively to allow the developer access to sensitive data on your systems. With the rise in use of email, standard desktop protection is no longer sufficient. HB Computers can help you identify potential risks in your antivirus policies and help to further secure your network. You can also use a antivirus software to get this done. If you have a Norton coupon code, the price will be much cheaper. Continue reading Antivirus